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We're a community of faith trying to demonstrate God's love by living like Jesus — a life of purpose, worship, and service together.

Places to connect at our church

At Guthrie Grove, we love to get together and enjoy doing life together. Whether it's on Sundays or in the middle of the week, we know that finding and building lasting relationships is an important part of any community.

Below, you'll find just a few of our scheduled times to meet. These are great opportunities for you to see what it's like to be a part of Guthrie Grove and meet some of best assets — our people!

Youth Group — Berean Youth Fellowship

In the Bible, the Bereans were a group of Macedonian Jews who eagerly embraced the apostle (teacher) Paul as he preached the good news of Jesus in his missionary journey. They supported his work and protected him when he was in danger. The Bible describes them as:"they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily." (Acts 17:11)

It is this example that we try to instill in the lives of our youth – to seek out truth eagerly and apply it to their lives. From the nursery through college, we create opportunities for all our youth to learn and engage with Jesus' teachings.

Our Preschool ministry is created to make a difference in the next generation that’s going to last a lifetime. We do this by emphasizing Bible stories, virtues, scripture, and a big point to take home.  We believe a lot can happen when church and home work together.

We offer opportunities during each of our services for young children (ages 4 - 8) to learn about that day's message in an age appropriate manner.  We also have youth Bible studies where students can encourage one another and discuss how they try to follow Jesus in their lives.

Our Middle school and High school ministry is rooted in the Bible but translated to reach the next generation.  We realize we only have students for a short time, so our motto is "What do they have to know before they leave our youth group?"

The Grove Youth Fellowship meets each Wednesday night at 7:00 pm in the Grove Youth Room.  We have a time of worship lead by our Youth Praise Team.  Devotions, object lessons and other activities challenge students to make a positive impact in the church and community.  Students dismiss to Bible Classes designed for each age group to discuss stories from the scriptures and life application.

Youth Website Links

Adult Small Groups

Discipleship (a church word for 'growing spiritually') is at the center of our adult opportunities.  We are in the process of incorporating Small Groups into what it means to be actively involved in our community.

Small Groups are small groups that meet on a weekly basis to "do life" together. It's like a group of friends who intentionally set out to help each other be better and better follow Jesus. Here are some small group that you can join.

Sunday Morning Classes
@ 10:00am
- Children & Teens
- Young Adults - Room 213
- Discipleship - Room B211
- Bible Survey
- Room B207         
- COG Quarterly - Room B113                                    
- Truth Seekers - Room B200                                                
- Ambassadors (9:30-10:30AM) - Social Hall  
Tuesday 11am Small Group - Joe James in the Social Hall

Wednesday Night Classes for all ages @ 7pm

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Sunday Worship Services

While we believe that we should worship throughout the week, we intentionally gather every Sunday morning as a community to give thanks, to challenge ourselves and each other to grow, and to encourage each other in our walk of faith.

Our worship style is inspired by three words: joy, hope, and application. We rejoice in the good news of Jesus' resurrection. We renew our strength through our hope in him. And, we learn how we can better live out that hope each day.

While the Bible doesn't give us a preferred style of worship, it is important for us to create a worship service that embodies the love and truth it offers. While our service changes from week to week here is an example of what an order of service might look like.
*WT - “Days of Elijah”
*WT - “Sanctuary”
Prayer and Offering
*Hymn # 42- “Let’s Just Praise the Lord”
Scripture Reading
*Hymn # 346- “If Jesus Goes With Me”
*Please stand if able

Other places to connect

Rings: Our Marriage Ministry
Steps: Our Children's Ministry
Sisters Act: Our Women's Ministry
Front Line: Men's Ministry

Small Groups are small groups that meet on a weekly basis to "do life" together. It's like a group of friends who intentionally set out to help each other be better and better follow Jesus.

“Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us. Each of us is to exercise them accordingly”
Romans 12:6

We're guided by our values

W​hen we think about “church” at Guthrie Grove, we don’t want to be just another church. So we have to ask, “How will we become a church that matters to people?”

We believe there are seven principles that will keep us on track as a church. We call them our 7 Core Values. Our Core Values help us communicate and live out our purpose & mission as a church.

See the values that guide us

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."
John 13:35

Image of Guthrie Grove Church of God

Find your place at Guthrie Grove

We know it's hard to really learn about a church from it's website. So, we want to encourage you to check us out however is most comfortable for you.

We have a balcony where you can sneak into a service without all the socializing (although we'd love to say hello if you want). Or, you can check out a few of our services live here on our website. Or, you can dive in head first! We'll meet (or not meet) you wherever you're at.

More than anything, we want you to know that you're welcome and we'd love to have you as part of our community!

Let us know if you have any questions
Our Location

403 Guthrie Grove Church Rd., Pelzer, SC 29669

(864) 947-9717


Service times

10 am – Sunday School
11 am – Worship, Nursery, & Jr. Church
7 pm – Bible Study

7 pm – Bible Study

We are located off Highway 29 in Pelzer, SC just 1.5 miles from Interstate 85.